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 About us:

Tucson's most unique arts experience

Troubadour is dedicated to educating Tucson students in fine and performing arts, including musical theatre, acting, music, theatrical design, and art. Students can get the experiences of constructing all aspects of a full production, from directing to costume design, to music performance and composition.  Our camps conclude with a fully-mounted stage production in a real professional theatre, complete with costumes, props, set, lights and sound, and musicals have a live band!  

About our programs


The Troubadour Theatre strives to introduce children and teens to the world of the arts. In our theatre camps, students will improve their acting through an understanding of organic performance, the nature of comedy, theatre history, and improvisation. Our students will learn about acting, dancing, singing, directing, art, design, improv, dance and choreography, makeup, stage combat, and more.

Our mission


Troubadour's mission is to provide quality arts education to southern Arizona youth, regardless of economic factors. Over the years we have provided hundreds of scholarships to young performers and integrated arts programs into Arizona schools. If your school is interested in developing an artist-in-residency program, please contact us. We believe in building a strong presence in Arizona youth arts from the ground up. 


We promise to provide students with a space to learn and express themselves where they feel comfortable, accepted, and heard. We strive for and celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion for all students.

Alex Greengaard
Founder’s Notes 


I started Troubadour because I believe every community needs positive and educational activities for kids. Something interesting, something engaging, something fun. As I researched, I began to notice a troubling pattern: that quality performing arts programs were often simply out of reach for some families. Troubadour exists to improve this state of affairs, and we make it happen in two ways. First, we offer excellent classes at an affordable rate. And second, we provide scholarships, a sliding tuition scale, and we never turn families away for inability to pay.  In a time when the funding for arts education has unfortunately declined in many public schools, organizations like ours are becoming more and more important for the many aspiring young actors, musicians, and singers who desire opportunities to learn and perform on the stage.  

Watch Educational Director, Alex Greengaard, talk about our program on The Morning Blend on KGUN9

Providing affordable arts education is something extremely important to us.  We strive to provide classes and camps to any student who desires it, regardless of finances.  We will never turn a student away because of inability to pay (the only exception to this has been if a camp was already completely full at the time the scholarship was requested for an un-registered student.) We want all students to be able to have access to a quality arts education! To apply for a scholarship for any camp, class, or workshop, please download this Scholarship Form and email to You can also pay for our camps/classes with ESA funds

We have done many contracts with public, charter, and private schools throughout the Tucson area to provide a drama class, club, camp, workshop, or play production to schools with arts grant funding. Please email Kristen directly at to inquire about availabi
lity and to receive a quote.

We are often needing more instructors and camp assistants!  If you're qualified to teach theatre, music, or art, please email to inquire.  Instructors/directors must be 18+, have experience working with kids/teens, and able to get a level 1 fingerprint clearance card. 

We’d love to hear from you!

Call us at 520-980-9578

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